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New Altcoins will emerge from time to time, presumably forever.With the Bitcoin price skyrocketing, other currencies have suffered losses for the most part. It is unclear what the endgame of either will be, though.The U.S. Federal Reserve has its rule specified by law, the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, namely to do whatever is necessary to manage inflation, and keep unemployment low (and by the way, keep interest rates reasonable).

There will probably be altcoins which are mixed with fiat currencies.

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You may not be aware that its entirely possible to retain bitcoin.

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With nothing backing a bitcoin (or most other DigiCs,) it is only the faith of the public that they are valuable which supports the value.That new DigiC would have to be very adaptable so that it could respond to competition and remain superior.However, all printing does devalue the other currency, as it would increase in value with deflation if nothing is printing and the demand is growing.It is the way we can begin to safely withdraw our consent to be ruled by the elites through anonymous non-participation in their.What I am trying to say that when new coins are mined, the value of those coins is paid to the miner, and in a stable currency that miner would be able to use the currency immediately without depressing it, so the price of the coins mined is the cost to the system.

For fiat currency like dollars, all new dollars go to the government, and every newly printed dollar devalues all the other dollars, and overprinting creates clear inflation.Welcome to a White Rabbit Radio exclusive production Endgame Exotica and Candied Carrots Candied Carrots are always free for White.It may gain its market share not by taking people away from Bitcoin, but by bringing in new users.

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It would be particularly troublesome if it were observed that Satoshi was moving bitcoins into an altcoin, and would cause serious harm to support for bitcoin.AND typically no particular interest or attempt to obtain them.Here is an outline of the steps to an exchange transaction with no 3rd party involvement.As long as some portion of the value of a DigiC is considered speculative, it is at risk of losing that value, and losing it quickly.

Flat list - collapsed Flat list - expanded Threaded list - collapsed Threaded list - expanded.Many see it as a financial freedom, some see it as a future.Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer digital currency that can be instantly transferred between two people.

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Obviously a crucial element is who will accept the coin in exchange for goods, services or other types of currency.

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In an economy that allows for short selling, futures options, and fancier derivatives, any algorithmic specification of a money supply future can and will be gamed.I, and the world wait for the Bitcoin universe to finalize that and be certain there is no double spending.Earlier, I predicted a variety of possible fates for Bitcoin ranging from taking over the entire.He was a talented, successful movie producer turned freedom fighter.

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Any hoarding of bitcoins on deflationary expectations is ridiculously long-term.Some of these altcoins are simply Bitcoin or minor modifications of the Bitcoin protocol with a different blockchain or group of participants, others have more serious differences, such as alternate forms of mining.If the holders were to start selling (or moving to altcoin) the value could drop precipitously it seems.While bitcoins have this scarcity, digital currencies as a group do not.Ver has outlined this endgame scenario on the same portal that he established years ago as a.

If people are selling uncirculating coins, the message is that people are losing faith in it as a store of value, and at the same time the value as a medium of exchange stays fixed while the supply of circulating coins providing that value rises — this could be unstable.Little do they know they are going to lose nearly everything when the.

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Amanda Rousseau. Extract ZIp and Prep Tor and Bitcoin Info.A quick mathematical analysis of Bitcoin and the world of crypto-currencies: After plunging nearly 30% last week in a severe.However, part of the reason for that is that dogecoin (as a movement) deliberately avoids being taken too seriously.In part because of this (and just the profligate wastage of bitcoin mining) a number of the altcoins differentiate themselves on being less wasteful in their mining process.Everyday, we hear some pretty grim predictions about the markets and the economy.

In addition to this, miners receive transaction fees on the transactions they log, though these fees are minor compared to the value of the mined coins.This is an area where people hope Bitcoin will compete well with traditional currencies.Bitcoin, UASF and Skin in the Game. the end game here would be making the other.Miners do makework computation to demonstrate that a majority of the mining computing power agrees which transactions should be recorded in the public ledger.I had the good fortune to (literally) travel around the world last month with multiple stops in the USA, Europe and Asia talking with customers and friends about.So for those reasons I think its better to separate scarcity race.